India Pepper and Spice Trade Association

(Permanent recognition granted by Government of India)


Board of Directors

Sri. ANAND KISHOR - PRESIDENT (M/s Kuruwa Enterprises )

Sri. Anand Kishor is the President of IPSTA Since 2013. He is also a Committee member of the Cochin Hill Produce Merchants Association. Before Becoming President of IPSTA, he was a director of India Pepper and Spice Trade Association Kochi for Two Years. A seasoned business man, he has got a successful track record of 12 years of experience in spice trading. Also holding position as Management representative and quality ISO HACCP in Kishor Spices Company and approved internal auditor for ISO & HACCP. Sri Anand also served as a representative of Task Force Committee in Spices Board for Black Pepper and Dry ginger. He was a member of all India Spice Exporters Forum during the period of 2008-10. Sri Anand is young and dynamic with more than a decade of hand on experience in entire gamut of spice trade, management and administration.

Sri. BAKUL V SHAH - VICE PRESIDENT (M/s Hashmukh Rai Shantilal Vadalia)

More than three decades of experience and exposure in spices trading, Sri Bakul V Shah is a director of IPSTA for the last12 years and Secretary of Cochin Hill Produce Merchants Association for the last 6 years.

Sri. M L PAREKH - DIRECTOR (M/s Parekh Sons)

Sri, Parekh is a director on the board India Pepper and Spice Trade Association Kochi since 1990. He has served the association in various capacities including as President and Vice- President .An accomplished business man, he has got a successful track record of more than 4 decades of experience in the spice business as exporter and wholesale dealer. His presence in the board and patronage is an invaluable asset.

Sri. KISHOR SHAMJI - DIRECTOR (M/s Kishor Spices Company)

Sri. Kishor Shamji has tremendous experience in every aspect of Spices and Trade. He is a successful dealer and significant exporter of spices more than 5 decades. Besides director of IPSTA, he served as President and Vice- President of IPSTA and is a Guiding force.

Sri. VISWANATH AGARWAL - DIRECTOR (M/s Madhogharia Company)

Sri. Viswanath Agarwal is dealer in Spices for the past 48 years. He is a Director in IPSTA for more than 20 Years. He also served as President and Vice-President of IPSTA.

Sri. N A VARKEY - DIRECTOR (M/s N. P. Ouseph & Co.)

M/s N. P. Ouseph & Co is an age old trading company dealing in spices. Sri. N A Varkey has got over 37 Years of experience in Spices trade especially as Commission agent.

Sri. PAUL THOMAS - DIRECTOR (M/s Allied Trades)

Sri. Paul Thomas has got 4 decades of standing and experience in Spices Trade. He is a director of IPSTA for4 years.

Trading Resources

IPSTA believes in giving the power to the investor. We offer a variety of services on our website. A member investor can always come to our website and check the latest trading resources we offer.

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